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EN (Not) a natural phenomenon: Gentle steep drilling in an idyllic world

(Not) a natural phenomenon: Gentle steep drilling in an idyllic world

Installing pipelines in the Eastern Alps to use natural spring water from the Glingabrunnen spring - that was the enormous and demanding challenge in the Brandnertal valley: but with foresight, sure instinct and the steerable HDD drilling rig GRUNDODRILL 18ACS with rock drilling equipment, the installation succeeded without any problems and above all: trenchless. This was only possible in the unique natural idyll with the particularly resource-saving underground construction method. 

The Brandnertal valley - this represents idyllic nature, but also steep, bouldery terrain and work under not quite everyday conditions: For the necessary installation of three pipelines through the rocky terrain, the "King of Rock" GRUNDORILL 18ACS was used and in the shortest time led to the target of supplying the inhabitants of the municipality of Brand, a hydroelectric power plant and a snow-making facility with pure spring water.

Key facts

  • Brandnertal/Eastern Alps, 2017
  • Installation of new pipes for the use of spring water from natural wells through rock, debris, building rubble; three parallel boreholes, each approx. 115 m with 67% penetration angle
  • Water pipeline construction/energy supply
  • Steerable HDD method