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the mole

With its entry into trenchless technology and the development of the first GRUNDOMAT soil displacement hammer, TRACTO found its trademark, the mole, in 1970. Company founder Paul Schmidt was looking for an expressive symbol that combined all the characteristics of the new innovation. He quickly came across the mole, which is not only perfectly adapted to the ground, but is also considered reliable, hard-working and particularly useful. With "Mauli" - as he is affectionately known - TRACTO's trenchless technology is given a characteristic symbol and the descriptive name "Mole Technology".

Since being registered as a trade mark at the German Patent Office, the mole is no longer just a protected symbol, but has started its triumphal march around the globe for TRACTO. The trademark designed by the well-known German cartoonist Sepp Arnemann is very popular as a sticker on cars, construction machinery and compressors. The mole is widely recognised in the industry - and the term "mole technology" has become established among experts.

„Mauli“ is 100% tracto

The trenchless installation method or mole technology is widely used in pipeline construction and its share is constantly growing compared to the open construction method. For good reason, as the underground laying and renewal of supply and disposal lines offers significant technical, ecological and economic advantages: The minimally invasive and effective technology eliminates the need for excavation and reinstatement work, construction times are shortened and resources are conserved.


Trenchless construction makes a significant contribution to environmental protection. NODIG technology means maximum surface protection with minimum excavation, significantly reducing harmful emissions of noise, CO2 and particulate matter and avoiding disruption to the existing infrastructure (traffic jams, diversions). Not only the neighbourhood remains undisturbed, but also the residents. The advantages are particularly evident in the construction of house connections and when crossing busy traffic and waterways, but also in urban centres and in confined spaces.


The German Wildlife Foundation recently emphasised the important function of this beneficial insect for the ecological balance in the soil by naming the European mole (Talpa europaea) Animal of the Year 2020.

TRACTO corporate culture


As an innovative technology leader, we are true #futurebuilders at all levels - we are committed to the trenchless technology of the future, its many possible applications and are ambitiously and courageously pursuing our goal of leaving behind a future worth living.

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