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Further innovative solutions

More than just pipeline construction - Innovative solutions with trenchless technology

As designers of a technology of the future, our claim is to develop flexible and efficient NODIG systems that provide maximum benefit. That's why we always have an ear listening to the market to find out what requirements arise in practice. With this knowledge, we have developed a broad repertoire of innovative solutions that go beyond actual pipeline construction.

The spectrum of innovative solutions ranges from such obvious applications as the vertical use of bore rigs for foundation work, pile foundations and remediation of contaminated sites, even in difficult geological conditions, to innovative special tools for connecting or reconnecting a house connection.

From tunnelling to site renovation - it can all be done without trenches

Whether horizontal or vertical, our trenchless technology is used in a wide variety of areas outside of pipeline construction. Whether tunnel construction, drainage construction, mining, well construction, geotechnical engineering, house connection technology or vertical applications - our NODIG technology offers solutions that are not only surprisingly innovative, but just as sustainable and gentle as trenchless construction itself. 
All these applications are not only technically groundbreaking, but also practical and economical. The best proof of this are individual, innovative solutions for project partners such as GDF Suez or SGN, from which award-winning products such as keyhole technology have developed.

Our innovative trenchless solutions at a glance

  • Tunnel construction: Trenchless technology efficiently supports tunnel construction when retrofitting with inlets and outlets, optimising ridge protection or constructing pipe shields for new tunnels.
  • Drainage construction: When constructing drainage pipes to secure slopes, dykes or buildings, they can be built gently and effectively underground.
  • Mining: In mining, vertical drawdown wells or horizontal butt drainage can be efficiently constructed without trenches.
  • Well construction: Well construction benefits from NODIG technology in the construction of horizontal wells or wells for seawater extraction points or the remediation of contaminated sites without the need for a shaft
  • Geotechnical engineering: In geotechnical engineering, trenchless technology makes it possible, for example, to efficiently drill anchor holes to stabilise dams, dykes or rock walls, but also to drill holes for load placement, base sealing or soil improvement
  • House connection technology: With telescopic tools specially developed by us, house connections can be disconnected and reconnected or valve caps repaired - absolutely minimally invasive through a keyhole with a diameter of only 65 cm
  • Vertical applications: When used vertically, our NODIG systems can be used to easily lay foundations and piles for gantries or noise barriers, but also to construct wells or drive in trench sheets and sheet piles

Effective infrastructure. Renewable energy. We deliver the technology of tomorrow for the world of tomorrow.