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The most important resource of life - optimally managed

Water pipes are the arteries of life and our most important infrastructure. With trenchless technology, the pipeline network can not only be further expanded in a gentle manner, but old pipelines can also be renewed and repaired. TRACTO's NODIG technology enables new construction and maintenance of the modern water supply - without interrupting it during the construction phase. A parallel expansion of old pipelines and their renewal makes this possible, whereby environmental impacts are low and restrictions in everyday life are minimised.

Install safe and new pipes: Old and dilapidated pipes are the main reason why precious water resources are lost on the way to the consumer. Renewing water supply networks underground with trenchless technology - for a modern and sustainable water supply.

Safe water supply, sustainable and profitable

For a modern water supply, the capacities of the pipeline network must be adapted to a constantly growing demand and the supply of high-quality drinking water must remain secure. With trenchless technology, every requirement in water pipeline construction can be realised - from the installation of pressure pipes to the construction of house connections to the end user. The underground construction method guarantees ecologically and economically sensible development, even in complex geologies.

Resource-saving and cost-efficient - water pipeline construction with our NODIG systems

  • Reliable and precise installation of water pipes with proven, high-performance trenchless technology.
  • Laying water pipes along roads, but also under roads and waterways - with short or long pipes made of all common materials.
  • Laying water pipes for the house connection to or into the building or directly from the connection area to the main pipe - underground and also in the opposite direction.
  • Avoid water losses and renew irreparable drinking water pipes and house connections without trenches - simply and efficiently with a new pipe in the existing route.
  • Avoiding leaks in water pipes and at the same time adjusting the capacities of the water pipes by 1-2 nominal widths - safely and reliably with trenchless pipe renewal.

Effective infrastructure. Renewable energy. We deliver the technology of tomorrow for the world of tomorrow.