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Sewer construction guaranteed accurate with trenchless NODIG technology

Strict rules apply to sewer construction because it is important to prevent waste water contaminated with pollutants from infiltrating the groundwater. To ensure that the pipelines are absolutely tight and in the correct position, the highest precision is required when installing waste water pipes. This precision is guaranteed with trenchless pipeline construction using TRACTO technology, regardless of whether you are installing, repairing or renewing. 

Precision is the top priority in sewer construction. With NODIG technology, the pipelines to pumping stations, manholes, collectors and buildings are laid or renewed with pinpoint accuracy for a dense sewer network - without break-up and major environmental impact

Without trenches to an intact sewer network - renewal and rehabilitation

In the case of massive damage to sewage pipes such as cracks or root ingrowth, repair is not a solution. The only lasting remedy here is new installation. With our NODIG systems for the pipe bursting process, this can be done safely and sustainably, without the disadvantages of conventional open construction.  

You can renew defective sewage pipes for transport or house connection without trenches with minimal construction and financial effort and thus avoid ex- and infiltrations in a gentle way. And if the damage is still repairable, you can also rehabilitate or repair the sewage pipes using various methods with our versatile bursting systems.

All the advantages of our NODIG systems for sewer construction at a glance

  • With trenchless technology, pressure and gravity sewer pipes are installed precisely along and under roads and waterways - with minimum effort and maximum effect
  • Trenchless sewer construction is realised gently and sustainably with short or long pipes made of all common materials, even from manhole to manhole
  • Freefall pipes for sewer house connections can be built or manhole or pit can also be built underground without any problems
  • Trenchless pipe renewal means sustainable avoidance of leaks by using a new pipe in the existing route. It works perfectly with old pipes with round or oval profiles and with house connections
  • When you renew sewage pipes with Technik TRACTO, you can increase the pipe capacity by 1-2 nominal widths in the same operation
  • Many options for trenchless pipe rehabilitation with one system: Safe and reliable by means of calibre bursting, relining, pipe reduction or tight-in-pipe
  • With the right accessories, you can clean pipes quickly and easily and even replace round or square and round manhole covers
  • Our NODIG technology is compliant with regulations and accurate, safe and tried and tested countless times. The position, function and tightness of the new sewage pipes can be precisely verified

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