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EN District heating

District heating

District heating pipelines: An efficient expansion that pays off

Among all energy sources, district heating still offers the highest security of supply, but it is not available everywhere. Technical, as well as economic aspects, are decisive for the development of areas for district heating networks. Installing the important transport and supply pipelines without trenches enables economically and at the same time ecologically efficient district heating pipeline construction - profitable and without heat loss.

From the producer to the transfer station and from there to the end customer's supply room - our NODIG systems ensure efficient district heating pipes without heat loss with their proven and flexible processes. Trenchless installation with insulated plastic pipes is quick, gentle and cost-effective and is in no way inferior to corrugated steel pipes.

Efficient and flexible - the advantages of our NODIG systems for district heating pipelines

  • Underground installation of flexible and rigid district heating pipelines made of common materials can be carried out along roads, underneath roads and waterways and along linear or flexible routes.
  • The proven and flexible procedures ensure safe installation of various types of pipes in district heating pipeline construction.
  • Parallel installation of supply and return lines of district heating networks is possible.
  • The NODIG technology takes into account the latest regulations and offers maximum reliability in planning and technical safety.
  • Trenchless installation guarantees precise verifiability of the position, function and tightness of the new district heating pipes.

Effective infrastructure. Renewable energy. We deliver the technology of tomorrow for the world of tomorrow.