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Intact infrastructure with trenchless technology

Gas distribution networks play an important role in a successful energy transition. In order to be able to transport and store fossil and increasingly renewable natural gas in sufficient quantities, high investments in the preservation and expansion of these pipeline networks are needed. With trenchless technology for gas pipeline construction, these can not only be reduced, but maintenance and expansion can also be implemented in an environmentally friendly and accelerated manner. 

Maintaining and expanding the gas pipe infrastructure: The NODIG process can be used to install and renew gas pipes - safely, quickly and sustainably. For an intact infrastructure and a successful energy transition.

Installing or renewing gas pipes without trenches

Safely and professionally, all types of gas pipes can be installed and even renewed with our NODIG technology, so that they are ready for use (again) quickly using the latest technology and in accordance with applicable regulations. Safe and reliable in use:  

in pipelines for feeding the natural gas produced worldwide into national gas distribution networks, in gas pipeline construction with pressure lines for transport and distribution. Also for gas pipelines for the storage of synthetic gas from surplus green electricity and for gas connection pipelines to the end consumer. 

All the advantages of gas pipeline construction with our NODIG systems

  • Protection and product gas pipes can be installed professionally - along roads, under roads and waterways, with short and long pipes made of all common materials.
  • The trenchless installation of a gas house connection from a pit/keyhole to the building or directly into the supply room is possible without any complications, even in the opposite direction.
  • With the minimally invasive keyhole technique, gas pipes for house connections can be laid and renewed in series.
  • Our NODIG technology replaces defective gas pipes and service connections with a new pipe in the existing route (pipe bursting) and prevents leaks in the long term.
  • At the same time, trenchless pipe renewal allows the pipe capacities to be adjusted by 1-2 nominal widths.
  • The NODIG technology takes into account the latest regulations and offers maximum reliability in planning and technical safety in the gas distribution network.
  • Trenchless installation guarantees precise verifiability of the position, function and tightness of the new gas pipes.

Effective infrastructure. Renewable energy. We deliver the technology of tomorrow for the world of tomorrow.