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EN Up in the north: More bandwidth for Spitsbergen

Up in the north: More bandwidth for Spitsbergen

Probably the most northerly deployment of a HDD drilling rig took place high up in the north of Spitsbergen: The numerous locally based, internationally networked research stations need the fibre optic cable expansion for more bandwidth. When two new submarine fibre optic cables had to be connected to the antenna system of the Norwegian surveying authority for this purpose, it was clear that the lines could only be laid in the untouched nature using trenchless technology. This required a powerful and accurate bore rig: the GRUNDODRILL 15XP was able to successfully assert itself against all resistance in a very short time. 

The operation on the so-called "Cool Coast" was a logistical and drilling challenge: The machines were delivered by sea directly to the site in Ny-Ålesund on the coast. When drilling through coarse gravel and sandy soil, special care had to be taken to avoid collisions with drift ice - because only rarely are the coasts of Spitsbergen completely free of ice. However, the pipe installation at a bore depth of up to 20 m succeeded without any problems by means of wire-controlled drilling with the GRUNDODRILL 15XP.

Key facts

  • Spitsbergen /Norway, 2013
  • Project: Installation of new pipes from the coast into the sea, protective pipes for fibre optic cables OD 100 with 202 m, 110 m, 79 m and 76 m length within one week
  • Application: Fibre optic FTTX
  • Method: Steerable HDD method
  • Machine used: GRUNDODRILL 15XP